Getting Better With Age

The 2008 Outer Limits Award for Most Outer-Limits-ish Final Speech By a Character On an Old Outer Limits Episode have been announced! The runners-up were:

“It was our own hubris, Jim, our own hubris as human beings, that led us to make that terrible choice---and we shall never forget the consequences!” by Military Guy #1 in The Thing With the Big Finger, 12/20/1962

“Could it be, Jim, that we were deceiving ourselves all along by looking for solutions in technology instead of mankind’s heart---that dark but yearning machine which runs not on batteries, but memories and love?” by Cliff Roberston-looking Man in Suit in Scream, My Darling, For the Earth Shall Soon Blow Up

“We thought what we were doing would make things better and bring peace to Earth---and instead we must realize that there are no shortcuts to understanding the mysterious, inscrutable ways of mankind!” by Scientist Dude #3 in The Auto-Pilot That Cared, 3/17/63

“Who among us believed that what was done could lead to such horror, when it was only beauty that we desired---but perhaps we should have realized that there were no shortcuts to understanding the mysterious, inscrutable ways of the aliens!” by Woman with Really Sixties Hair in An Eye No Alien Could Gouge, 4/21/60

And the winner is:

“It was we as humans---yes, we---who should have been responsible for hitting button A7 at the right moment. All along, it was we, not they, who held the answer. And it was not they, but we, who are ultimately liable in unlocking the keys to the ways of the unknowable. But we blew it---blew it with our damnable searching for shortcuts!” by Eight Year Old Kid on Bicycle in Going, Going, Going….Robot! 10/30/61

Thanks to all who participated---every one of you is a winner!