Call Me an Instigator If You Wish

Service people tick me off sometimes. I went down to Jed's Fix-It today with a valid problem, and it became a scene. All I wanted was for Jed to take a look at a double scoop of Double Fudge Chocolate in a cake cone. It was a little top-heavy, and there had been some pretty heavy melting toward the bottom. He said he could probably freeze it up for me and transfer some of the bottom scoop to the top, and that maybe he could have it done by Friday, but it would be tight. (They always say that.) For the freezing and the scoop alteration, it would only be like eighty bucks. Not too bad, right? So then I very casually ask him about a Magic Shell problem I'd been having at home. I'd put a lot of it on some strawberry ice cream, and I know I put on way too much, big deal, who hasn't? So Jed asked if I had put so much on there that it didn't even fully harden, and I said Yeah, and he sighed and shook his head. I asked him if it could be saved, because I just KNOW my insurance company would screw me over if it was totaled. So then he launched into this big thing about how I would have to bring it in and he would really have to get in there in look around and MAYBE remove the non-hardened Shell from around the edges and re-freeze the whole thing, but he claimed Magic Shell didn't respond well to re-freezing and the balance might get thrown off. At which point he asked me if I had gotten any jimmies or sprinkles under the pile. Now look, I admit it, I didn't really know how the whole thing was put together. Who does? I'm paying HIM to be the expert. And Jed went off about how people came in constantly, wanting to eat ice cream all day long but not wanting to spend a single hour figuring out how it works. It was really insulting. He said that because I hadn't done any routine maintenance up front, he might have to completely overhaul the entire thing, replace the old strawberry with new strawberry (and of course, he wanted to use Breyer's instead of Lucerne for the first ten or twelve bites, as if I have that kind of money), and maybe even replace the whole dish! He made up some lie about how there might be some residual staining after the transfer, blah blah blah---please, what am I, an idiot? So I said Fine, fine, when can I bring it in? At which point he told me this total whopper about how he had a whole lopsided ice cream cake up on the lift for Sunday, and then he had to re-arrange the flavors in somebody's banana split and cut out the brown spots on the banana....he wound up telling me it might be two WEEKS before he got to it. Now you just KNOW this would wind up being a three hundred dollar job, so I told him I was taking my business elsewhere and that I didn't care for his dishonesty. I'm just sick of being taken advantage of. Is that wrong?