Who Says My Heart Is Ten Sizes Too Small?

Sometimes we experience moments in life that touch us at the very core of our beings. I had such a moment this morning, as witness to an act of remembrance and forgiveness that I shall never forget.

The air was tense on the airstrip, and we who had been invited to be there for the event were understandably nervous. We had no idea what would happen. The private jet touched down at exactly eight a.m., as promised, and Michigan J. Frog emerged from the cabin and descended the steps to the tarmac on his small frog legs slowly and carefully, all of us reminded of his age. When he saw the construction worker who had discovered him in a time capsule so many years before, he hesitated, but then allowed himself to be hugged by the now elderly man, and M. J. Frog even hugged back. All of us applauded, tears in our eyes.

The two old foes, old enough now to perhaps let bygones be bygones, exchanged words that none of us could hear. We watched them become friends within minutes. The man who had dug up the freakishly talented frog only to be so cruelly taunted with mocking silence had finally let go of the immense hurt which that silence has caused him. Time's inexorable onward march had made such wounds unimportant. When a man sees his own mortality looming in front of him, even the most enduring injuries fade away to nothing. Still, he could not help but pose the question we had all wondered about since we were kids.

"Why, friend," he asked gently, "why didn't you just sing and dance for me in the top hat when I wanted you to? I could have made millions....we both would have been so happy....my life was ruined....I took to drinking and lost my job....became unimaginably violent....."

Michigan J. Frog shrugged his shoulders wearily. "Eh," he said simply. "I didn't like your face. Sue me."

With that, they embraced again. Overcome by glorious emotion, I walked away. Before I left, though, I saw even Elmer Fudd wiping away a tear of appreciation. And lemme tell ya, Elmer's one of the meanest bastards you could ever hope to meet.