Channel 149, Tuesday, 2:15 a.m.

Sometimes when life gets you down, there’s really only one place to turn where you can feel safe, secure, and welcome. It may not be everyone’s favorite place to be, but why not check it out when times get tough? Instead of acting out, consider custody!

People who have been there will tell you about the calm they felt and the sense of relief that came when they checked into custody for a while. It was in custody that they got the time and the quiet to evaluate their choices and maybe even forge a better life. Don’t believe us? Ask your friends who have had a taste of being in custody!

Maybe you know that temporarily confused someone who committed a crime, or simply lost their way to the point where they became a danger to themselves and others. Three out of four people who have been in custody say they think they’ll be in it again at some point---so what are you waiting for? Why go through the embarrassing charade of an arrest when you can come in on your own terms? If you haven’t talked to a law enforcement officer about custody yet, become one of the millions of Americans who have experienced the custody difference. It’s how we keep our country safe---and keep you on your feet!

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Custody is not affiliated with physician-assisted suicide