Note to Self: Pick an Easy Satirical Target and Just Throw Jokes Out There

I guess I'm the only one with the guts to say that CollageMasters has really gone downhill in its fourth season. These new theme nights are just too tough for the contestants---I feel so bad for them! Last night when Dakota was told that the week's featured magazine was Newsweek, the look on her face broke my heart. Sure, cutting pictures from Newsweek and making a collage about current events is great for a guy contestant like Barry, that smarmy hick, but it's not fair to someone like Dakota. And just because she did such a great collage during Elle week doesn't mean she's safe from the bottom three. And whoever gave Kylie that defective pair of scissors should be fired from the show! She lost a good two minutes of cutting time, plus her copy of National Geographic was really lame, with way too many pictures of boring volcanoes. The producers should be helping these people, not hurting them! Meanwhile, I thought it was a bad move for Ricky to switch from rubber cement to Elmer's glue and use so much purple glitter on his collage about his favorite TV shows. He's really lost his edge if you ask me. I picked him to win the whole thing when the season started because he always chose really great posterboard colors for his backgrounds during the audition rounds, but he's fading fast. You know, I may not even watch the final three shows. I might catch little bits of the results shows just because my roommate's always watching and the TV is in the living room and I obviously can't get to the kitchen without walking through there, but I'm done with caring about it or trying for hours to get my vote through on my cell phone. I have better things to do. Like making my own collages, which are better than half the ones you see on the show, by the way.

Newsweek. What does Kylie know about current events? They say she barely got through community college! Come on!