The Crazy Walk That Launched a Dream

Okay, now I'm excited. I'm excited because I'm going to be RICH. I'm not sure how the licensing on this is going to work, I have to talk to my friend Reb, his brother's some kind of paralegal and he might know, but I don't want to think too far ahead. Anyway, what happened was that I've come up with a totally original crazy walk, and I feel it's safe to say there's not a street lunatic in the world that wouldn't trade everything they had to get it. (I guess street lunatics don't actually have much to trade, no, but it's just a figure of speech.) What I do is I walk along normally, right, but as I go I have my arms down at my sides and I sort of slowly revolve my arms over and over again, always pointing generally at the ground but always rotating in wide circles, so imagine I'm just walking down Constitution Avenue, dee dee dee, and for some reason my arms are down beside me but rotating in circles like I'm using them both like some kind of robot scanning for dimes on the street. I could even have one arm rotating one way and the other arm rotating the other way. So yeah, the plan is to license this walk out to street lunatics, you have to pay like, I don't know, ten bucks a month to use my walk, and it'll be worth it to them too because now they can really stand out. Such is my plan. With the money I make I'll buy a place where you can get refurbished board games, and it will not suck.