The Invention of Cricket: A Transcript

STRANGE GROUP OF PEOPLE: Hi, baseball? Hey, we’d like our own sport over here. Can you help us out? Something new would be great.

BASEBALL: Um, sure. Hey, you want to just go ahead and try baseball? We can fax the rules over to you. It’s great.

STRANGE GROUP OF PEOPLE: Sure, that sounds like it could be something. Go ahead.

(fax sounds)

BASEBALL: Oh…wait a second, we ran out of toner. Only the first two pages of the rulebook went through.

STRANGE GROUP OF PEOPLE: Well, that’s okay. We have enough to work with.

BASEBALL: Ah…no, see, the rulebook is 46 pages long. You only have two.

STRANGE GROUP OF PEOPLE: Yeah, we’re good. Thanks. We’ll just make do with these.

BASEBALL: You’ll make do? But…you only got the very basics of a guy throwing a ball and someone else trying to hit it, you don’t know about all the strategy, the complexity, the possibilities, the involvement of the other pl---

STRANGE GROUP OF PEOPLE: Nahhhh, not for us. We’ll work with what we got. Thanks, we appreciate it.

BASEBALL: You’ll….you’ll work with what you’ve got. Two pages. Um….all right.

STRANGE GROUP OF PEOPLE: Okay, we’re gonna go. Later.


(sound of feet walking away)

BASEBALL: What a bunch of idiots.