Irate, Clammy, and Peckish

Let me just clarify something here. The award for the Maryland State Highway Administration's Most Improved County Toll Taker of the Year was announced, and my name did not emerge from the comptroller's lips. Instead the name uttered was Rick Powell.

Rick Powell. Rick Powell won the award for Most Improved County Toll Taker.

Rick Powell. Did I get that right? It was Rick Powell.

The person who won the award was RICK POWELL. The Rick Powell we are all familiar with. Him.

RICK POWELL. Was I wrong in hearing that RICK POWELL won the award?

You're telling me that RICK POWELL is right now holding the certificate for Most Improved County Toll Taker. It belongs to none other than RICK FREAKING POWELL.

There must be another Rick Powell. No? Then it's true. It was RICK POWELL up there shaking hands with the comptroller.

So then, just to get it straight, RICK BLOODY POWELL, and not I, took home the award this year. RICK POWELL is who will be remembered as the award's recipient.

RIIIIIIIIIIIICK POWWWWWWWWWWELLLLLLLLLLL. Is that right? HE won the award you say, not me? Rick POWELL? Hey, super. That's just swell. As long as we're all on the same page that it was RICK POWELL. Uh-huh. Good ole R.P.

Oh no, I don't mean to be sarcastic, not at all. Congratulations to you, Mr.---who was it again who won? Oh yes, RICK POWELL. Excellent. Excellent and also quite a fair choice, if I may say so myself. A reasoned and well-chosen selection.

Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second.....BARB PRATT told me not to feel bad? BARB PRATT?