It's Not a Defeat, It's a Re-Structuring

It is with real regret that I report to you all the demise of my men's magazine, which will publish its final issue in July. I want to thank all of you for your support of the magazine, your comments, and all your hard work. It was my goal to present to the world a men's periodical which always featured the most beautiful models imaginable, garbed in the most eye-opening lingerie, and I think I can safely say that indeed, that goal was invariably achieved.

I assure you that the magazine has met its untimely end due to a changing marketplace and not because of issues with its title, which I know many of you didn't care for. I stand by the title, and as always, my view is that since I was the one who conceived the magazine and paid the professional photographers and breathtaking models, I had a right to call it anything I pleased.

You should receive the final issue of Yeah, Scrub That Porsche, Bitch in the mail shortly. I look forward to prospering with many new publishing projects in the near future. Thanks again.