The Angry Man Speaketh

Well, sure, I'd be happy to tell you exactly why I put that suggestion into your In Box, and no, I wasn't joking. I don't joke about such things. I honestly feel that we here at the Emergency Broadcast System are woefully behind the times, and if we are ever to be taken seriously and gain any standing within the industry, we have to latch onto developing trends just like any other broadcast network, and so it stands to reason that we must begin to think about producing original dramas to secure and maintain an audience that will be attractive to advertisers. I am more than aware of our so-called 'mission' here at EBS, and I know it won't be easy to tell the federal government that we need millions of dollars to change the focus of our programming away from alerting the general public of emergency situations to broadcasting critically acclaimed, high-impact scripted fare, perhaps something cop-edgy or medical-daring, with the possibility of working into the mix a sitcom about four secretaries who work for eBay. But you don't get anywhere in life or in business by playing it safe. Therefore, it is my intention to lay out a seven-point plan in which---

Oh....oh, you mean the other suggestion I put into your In Box. Oh, that, yeah, see....yeah, I just don't think it's fair that people who are scheduled on the morning shift get an unfair advantage with the doughnuts. People who come in during the afternoon only get the leftovers from the fridge, and there's no real selection left and what's there is cold and sad.

That's not the one you meant? But I don't remember leaving a third one....unless you're talking about the one I left yesterday.

Actually, I take that one back. That should never have gotten in there. Forget about it entirely. It's fine with me that there are windows in the building. I spoke out of turn, and I retract my statement. I'm sorry if I offended anyone.

I'm very tired today.