Three Cheers for....Myself!

Friends, I’d like to inform you that it’s a new year and I’ve chosen a new positive, forward-thinking slogan to live by. Indeed, 2006 was the year of BIG UP TRYIN’! and it served me well. My constant interior chant of BIG UP TRYIN’! filled me with the confidence and the vigor I needed to accomplish such goals as successfully archiving all my seed catalogs and getting a part-time job at Sodas and Such. “BIG UP TRYIN’!” I said aloud ten times each morning, and with every syllable, I felt more and more infused with potential and pride. But now it’s 2007, and it’s time for a change! So say hello to this year’s slogan, which I hope will guide me each day through twelve consecutive months of can-do thoughts and deeds. Say it along with me, folks:


Don’t you just love the sound of it---and its essential truth! Yes, truly, THE TIME TO BE NOW IS THIS! and I am ready for the challenge! I’m thinking of having a t-shirt made so that I never forget this bit of electric wisdom. How can I possibly have a bad day or fail to clear any obstacle set before me when I know in my heart that


A side note here. I know that I am not absolutely infallible with these positive, forward-thinking slogans, and that my results have been varied. My 2005 slogan, for example, is one I’m willing to accept as a learning experience. SEE IT….SNIFF IT! seemed like a good idea at the time, and from January to March I was indeed juiced with good feeling from it, but it just petered out mid-summer. All I’m saying is that THE TIME TO BE NOW IS THIS! is not necessarily 100% guaranteed to work for me, but as of today at 6:30 pm, count me in all the way and beyond! The ball that is my potential is ROLLING, baby, and you just watch---now that I have a new slogan to live by, I bet I’m going to get my heat turned back on inside of two weeks!