The Arby's People Were Never This Finicky

Dear Mr. Rooney,

Please accept my apologies for the poster design my department submitted for KFC’s “Come On In For a Career Challenge” winter hiring campaign. I assure you that no one is more cognizant of our nation’s diversity issues than I, and that I am of course aware that all races and cultures can succeed as entry-level KFC employees. We will be more than happy to re-design the poster so that the wide variety of ethnicities you requested is pictured. May I suggest that the ethnicities are pictured in the following order, from left to right: Asian / African-American / Caucasian (blonde) / Mexican / Caucasian (brunette) / Native American / handicapped soldier / Polynesian. Let me know your thoughts and I can coordinate our art department accordingly.

Once again, I am sorry if our original poster design depicting a hypothetical KFC staff of eight black teenagers, a plump Spanish manager, and one retarded white dude caused offense to anyone at your corporate office.

Soren N.