There's a Chance You Might Get Wet

Oh, it was so totally worth the $175 I paid to the guide. The experience was just phenomenal. I mean, I was actually brushing up against nature in a way you just can't experience otherwise. After a two-hour snorkeling and diving lesson, the guide told me I was ready. I don't have to tell you I was nervous, but I was much more excited than anything else. And then I went over the edge of the boat and into the ocean, and just a minute later or so, the guide started tossing chum into the water. From under the surface, I watched it float down toward me, spreading out all around me, chunks of dead fish everywhere----and for five full minutes, I was literally swimming with the dead fish that sharks eat! It was magical. To be that close to the chum, to see it up near your face, to reach out and almost touch it....oh, you've got to do it. You've got to. I know I said that about Matrix Reloaded, but this is different.